How to Backup Your Website via cPanel

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Performing regular backups of your website creates a remote copy of essential files to protect against data loss. Whether you accidentally delete an important file or the server supporting your site fails, you can rely on backups to bring your website back to life.

Website Backups with cPanel

The Backup Wizard in cPanel allow you to copy some or all of the files for your website that you own or have access to. You also have the option of returning your site to a previous state by restoring past backups.

To start a backup, click on the Backup Wizard icon underneath the Files heading.

how backup cpanel

Click the Backup button at the bottom of the left column to start using the Wizard.

backup your website

You will be prompted to choose between a full and a partial backup. A full backup includes all files and configuration settings for your site. For partial backups, you can choose to copy your home directory, My SQL databases or email forwarders and filters. Only partial backup files can be restored through cPanel.


Full Backup

Click the Full Backup button to create a compressed file that contains a complete copy of your website. On the Download screen, choose whether you want to back up your site to the home directory, to a remote FTP server or to a remote server using SCP.


If you wish to receive email notification once the backup has been completed, enter your email address in the box provided. If not, select the radio button next to “Do not send email notification.”


Choosing a remote server backup requires you to enter the server information, your username and password, the server port and the name of the remote directory where you wish to save the final file.


Click the Generate Backup button to start your backup. If you’re backing up to the home directory, you’ll see the backup file under the “Backups Available for Download” heading once the process is complete. Download the backup by clicking on the file name and saving it to the desired directory on your hard drive.

You can use full backups to move your site to a different server or to keep a local copy of the entire site on hand in case of emergencies.

Partial Backup

To perform a partial backup, decide which part of your site you want to copy and click the appropriate button under “Select Partial Backup” on the first page of the Wizard.


These files can be downloaded immediately by clicking the Home Directory button on the “Final Step” screen.


If you select either My SQL Databases or Email Forwarders & Filters, cPanel displays a list of available files. Click on the ones that you want to copy and save the resulting files to your hard drive.


All partial backup files can be restored as necessary by clicking the Restore button on the initial Wizard screen.


Simply choose the type of file you wish to restore, find the corresponding backup on your hard drive and upload it through cPanel.


Backups for Experienced Users

If you’re already familiar with performing backups and know exactly which files to save, click the Backup icon under the Files heading instead of choosing the Wizard.


This tool speeds up the process by consolidating all backup options on one screen. Choose a full or partial backup by clicking the appropriate button, and follow the instructions to download the desired files.

cpanel website backups

Restoration of partial backups can be performed on the same screen to quickly fix any problems with your website files.