Latest Magazine Themes for WordPress

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A magazine theme turns your WordPress site into a powerhouse for content delivery. Rather than displaying blog posts or articles in the order they’re posted, magazine themes utilize categories to place the most important content on the front page. This improves the usability of sites with large amounts of content and encourages visitors to spend more time reading and sharing.

These latest WordPress magazine themes offer layouts that make it much easier to organize, display and promote your most popular and relevant content.

Free Themes

You can apply any of these themes to your current WordPress site for free. Each one can be found in the official WordPress theme directory.

Urban Lite

With a responsive design and multiple blocks for pictures and text, Urban Lite is an eye-catching theme that mimics a contemporary magazine. Navigation includes top and bottom menus along with space for widgets in the sidebar and footer.



A grid of images grabs attention when you use the Queue theme for your site. Images decrease in size from left to right, allowing you to organize content by order of importance. Post titles and text appear in clean columns beneath the image header so that all headlines appear above the fold.



The layout of Gazette relies largely on images to convey information about your content. This minimalist theme uses a flexible grid style that includes a stunning visual header space to showcase the best of your blog or news site.


Clesar Media

You get three different clean, modern layout options with Clesar Media: full width, sidebar to the right and sidebar to the left. Each includes a slider displayed underneath the top menu that shows popular posts in different categories.


Premium Themes

Premium themes require a one-time payment for use. They often include features that you won’t get from free themes and can make your site look more professional.


Wordie is a stunning theme designed in the tradition of single-page websites to include a great deal of visual and textual information in one place without appearing crowded. The modular style allows for a great deal of flexibility in how content is displayed.



Examiner Magazine Theme

If you want your site to look like a professional magazine, Examiner is the theme for you. Two scrolling headers continually display the latest headlines, and large image blocks draw attention to whatever post categories you want to highlight.




By minifying the CSS and Javascript necessary to display the theme, Maxi adapts to any device without slowing down your site. Multiple layouts and a “smart footer” create a clean, balanced look. Add a slider to the homepage for a breathtaking visual experience.



City News

City News is everything that you love about online newspapers. Drag and drop editing allows you to organize text, images, video and audio in a logical, easy-to-read layout. You can choose from a variety of post formats, each of which includes a complete set of social sharing buttons.



The Expresso

This modern responsive design gives you six homepage styles, five post styles and six headers to work with. The Expresso‘s light and dark footers are available to create contrast. Use the rich sidebar to enhance the user experience with a variety of widgets.




Try NewsTube when you want to create a news site that incorporates video along with traditional text and images. With features like video channels, playlists and users subscriptions, this theme allows you to reach out to readers like never before by utilizing dynamic content.


Any of these magazine themes makes your site more attractive to visitors and can help increase both interest and engagement.