Real Web Hosting Reviews

You have to be careful when looking for hosting company reviews. Too many sites do not moderate their reviews so you can’t be sure how real and unbiased they really are. At Hostscores we manually verify the veracity of all user submitted web hosting reviews. We check to make sure that all reviews are from actual customers of the service they are reviewing so you know they are real.

Top Reviewed Hosting Companies

The problem with most web host review sites

web hosting reviewsMost web hosting review sites solicit reviews from anyone prepared to submit a review via their online form. This is good for the review site because they get free review content which (they hope) will help them drive more related traffic. The problem with this approach is that you can’t be sure that any given review is genuine as there are no checks in place to prevent a host submitting their own reviews to improve their position or to stop rivals submitting bad reviews of each other. This may or may not happen, but the point is you can’t be sure. It is also true to say that some really bad review site operators will make up their own reviews just to create the appearance of authority and to set up the particular hosts they would like most to promote.

Why our web hosting reviews are more reliable

Here at Hostscores our promise is to make sure that only genuine reviews from real customers are published. To do this we take the following approach:

  • We only publish reviews if we can verify that the site in question is hosted by the company being reviewed. This is the only way that we can be sure that a reviewer is a genuine user of the service being reviewed. People can and do move hosts all the time so it is possible that a reviewer may move their site after the review is published, but you can rest assured that they were a customer at the time of the review.
  • And closely related to this we also must be able to verify that the reviewer is the owner/webmaster of the site in question. We don’t want someone pretending to be the owner of a site hosted by a given provider.
  • We will also not publish web hosting reviews which are overly emotional or contain bad language. This is for two reasons:
    1. We are a family friendly site, so no bad language.
    2. Overly emotional reviews are not very useful. In our experience people who are overly emotional are usually unfair in their assessment of companies (e.g. people blaming hosts for being hacked when it was their own fault for not ensuring that their software was up to date). That’s not to say we won’t publish negative web hosting reviews. We absolutely will publish negative reviews as long as they are fair and constructive in their assessment of the hosting company.
  • We don’t submit our own reviews of a hosting company unless we have used them ourselves for sometime. We have reviewed A Small Orange for instance because that is the host we use for this very site.

How do I review my web host?

You can go here to find a list of all the hosting companies we cover. If your host is on that list just click the logo and you’ll be taken to the relevant review submission form.

Why don’t you cover my web hosting provider?

Probably because we just havn’t got to it yet. We are a new service and we’ve started with a relatively small list of popular and well known hosts because those are the hosts most people are considering. That’s not to say we won’t cover others. If you would really like to review your host and it isn’t on the list then please contact us.